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Why Saucer?

Imagine if you saw a gleaming object above you, just hovering there. You should be frightened but instead, you’re amazed. You’d have to tell someone. Everyone! Over every media possible. The story would clog social media. If many were witness, it would blanket the news!

Like a UFO, your brand’s message should leave an impression. Not a strange metal object in your arm, but a sense of awe in those who experience it. Simply, a great message should dazzle.

We are storytellers on a mission to amaze. Though we mean you no harm, bland, forgettable advertising is in for an uncomfortable probe.

Call today and experience the effect we’ll have on your marketing. The Saucer effect.


Saucer got our business from the start. They always come through with out-of-the-box thinking.

Golden Brands
We have worked with Saucer since 2008. From logo design to photography, there really isn't anything they can't tackle.

Quincy Cellars Vineyards
Saucer is certainly a "Jack of all Trades." Web work? Sure. Radio commercial script? No problem. New logo? When do you need it! They work quickly with a smile.

Sam Meyers Formal Wear