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 Website Special

$299 for a 5-Page Website!

 That’s a savings of $200!
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We’re small business,

so we understand the needs of small business. And one important need is having a fantastic looking website that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. And you want to be able to make minor updates to your own website, without having to pay for it.

We design our sites with WordPress,

the #1 website building software. We choose a theme that’s perfect for your business and modify it to suit your needs. So your modern website ends up costing far less than one built from scratch. And with thousands of themes with millions of color and layout possibilities, you’ll get a site that fits your brand’s personality. And your website will be responsive. That’s a fancy way of saying it will actually reformat to fit a tablet or smart phone.

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1. Purchase a URL and Hosting

We recommend GoDaddy for this. A URL usually costs $15/year. Sign up for either the Economy plan or the WordPress optimized hosting. Hosting runs $50 to $75/year for Economy hosting. If you need email that runs $50/year.

2. Purchase a WordPress theme

There are premium WordPress themes that cost around $65. Yes there are free themes, but you won’t get developer support or frequent updates.

3. Start collecting website copy and images.

Provide website copy and any images for us to populate your new website.

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The following is not included in the $299 website special and if desired, will be billed separately at $65/hour.

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Copywriting
  • Additional website pages
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We get asked this a lot, well because it’s important. Here are some tips:

1. Pick a memorable URL

2. Use relevant keywords in your text.

3. Hit the Social Media. Keep feeding Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube with interesting content.

4. Make original content. Good keywords help, but Google has shifted their crawlers toward original content. Gone are the days when you could set up a website and leave it. You have to feed your site with fresh relevant content, preferably on its blog. Treat your brand like it’s that interesting person at a party. Only the “party” is the web. Be the expert with interesting news, factoids, demonstrations. Capture in photography, video, and clever viral stunts that make the local news. This content stuff is what Saucer does. So yes we can make you a site, but what we can really help out with is branded content.

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