Saucer is better than Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace.

Website builders make you a great website in the same way that simply buying an expensive oven makes you a great cook.

While Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and other website builders seem like the perfect solution for any business on a budget, where seemingly anyone can build their own website, they do not make you a good website designer. They do not teach you good user experience. They do not give you an understanding of keyworded content and search engine optimization principles.

And as for the cheap part, you would be surprised how much Wix and other solutions end up costing you. GoDaddy for instance is famous for selling a $9.99 monthly website, but they will soon raise your prices. It’s a classic bait-and-switch.

So while you may think you can build your own website with one of these services, you are really doing your business a disservice. You need to hire a professional that knows what they are doing. Not only does Saucer know web design, we know user experience, search engine optimization, and website accessibility. And if you have any issues, we are quick to respond.

We get it. A drag-and-drop website that you can make some simple changes to without paying your web designer. So we use a plugin that lets you do just that. Saucer is happy to take care of your website for you, but if you just need to change your business hours, we empower you to do so with easy-to-follow instructions after your site is built.

Contact Saucer before you sign up for Wix or Godaddy. Your company will be better for it.